Use the FlypChart marketing calendar and content workflow to keep your team organized, provide stakeholders with visibility, and hold everyone accountable for important deadlines.

Is FlypChart right for you?

The average digital marketer uses 12.4 different tools to support the execution of content marketing campaigns. They are bogged down in multiple applications, lost in spreadsheets, and consumed by third party calendars. Staying organized can become overwhelming. 

You are being pulled in so many different directions that coming up for air seems like a bigger priority than getting that next blog post out. This results in missed deadlines, a haphazard posting schedule, and things not getting done when they should.

FlypChart can help get your team organized, hold people accountable to deadlines, and provide adequate visibility for key stakeholders.

Sound interesting? Here are the key reasons why FlypChart is right for you:

Stakeholder Visibility

  • Use the FlypChart editorial calendar to show key stakeholders all of your draft, approved, and scheduled content across multiple 
    channels at a glance
  • Integrate FlypChart with other marketing tools that you already use and directly post to external applications
  • Categorize content by campaign, content type, and user, to visually see and filter the information you need

Planning and Analysis

  • Remove the chaos of a haphazard posting schedule by planning and composing 
    content from one user-friendly interface
  • Keep all of your content in one place to reduce the mental clutter and improve your ability to identify gaps in the strategy

Collaboration and Accountability

  • Invite as many users as you want to join your FlypChart team so that everyone can better understand their role in executing the content strategy
  • Communicate effectively with clients, freelancers, contractors, and your own marketing team to ensure you stay organized and hold the right people accountable at all times

Content Approval Workflows

  • Manage workflows and deadlines by assigning content tasks to team members then following their progress through a publication approval process with an intuitive drag and drop interface
  • Quickly find the marketing content you need with pre-set search filters and a robust search function

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